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Teaching material for “One Table Two Elephants”

The film is filmed in Cape Town. It provides a textured and nuanced account of knowledge politics in a postcolonial city, which we have found translates well to many other places. It opens up important questions about nature, urbanization, class, race and the living remains of colonialism.

The film deliberately does not tell an easy story, because that is now how things are. Instead we trust the audience to engage and make up their minds and feelings, reading it in diverse ways to engage with one another. Many students have found it intriguing and engaging. 

Teaching support

On flat ontologies, postcolonial moments and partitioning the sensible

On reappropriation, revitalism and the “genius of pagan

On Cape Flats and The Princess Vlei struggle

On post-apartheid politics and decolonization

Colonial history, botanical history

Film theory and postcolonial thinking