SITUATED ECOLOGIES gathers art, design and research collaborations to contest and democratise ecologies.

We’ve decided to move “The Situated Urban Political Ecology Collective” to its own beautiful website (#SituatedUPE)!

We’ve decided to move “The Situated Urban Political Ecology Collective” to its own beautiful website (#SituatedUPE)!

The new official website of The Situated Urban Political Ecology Collective, #SituatedUPE, started in 2017 after having been hosted here since 2015.

The Situated Urban Political Ecology Collective has now moved to it’s own official website. The Collective grew from 2013 with support from the two Formas-funded projects WOK-UE and MOVE and from 2105 it’s website was hosted here. In 2017 we decided to create the Collective’s own proper and beautiful website as it is growing.

The SituatedEcologies website that you are reading from now, will continue in its present form. It hosts the The Situated Ecologies Platform, which is developing similar themes as the Collective but being less tied to cities and urbanisation, and with more emphasis on inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations between the arts, humanities and design, alongside explicit collaborations with the ecological sciences.

I recently wrote to a friend:

The Situated Ecologies Platform is a curious space. We draw upon findings in natural and social scientific findings, alongside work in the humanities. We draw upon critical theory related to ontological and epistemological politics; science-and-technology studies (STS); on bio-semiotics and material semiotics; and on interpretative and experimental work in history, theatre and film. We work to create engaging outputs through film, design or theatre, something we see as integral to the research we are doing.

I can add that we view the Platform as part of the growing and vibrant field of the Environmental Humanities. We have partner in and contribute to the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory.

/Henrik Ernstson

NB! When you browse older content on this site, links to older posts and materials about or from The Situated UPE Collective might be still keep you here. However, all older posts that you find here about The Situated UPE Collective, you will also find on the new site. When you link or tweet or similar, and if you have time, please use the new site’s posts.


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