SITUATED ECOLOGIES is a platform for research projects and activities that relate to situated and contested ecologies, in particular when viewed through the processes of urbanisation.
Research Project: Ways of Knowing Urban Ecologies (WOK-UE) Research Project: Ways of Knowing Urban Ecologies (WOK-UE) This project examines social, cultural and political dimensions of urban ecology and natural resource management. Book Project: Grounding Urban Natures This book explores ‘urban nature’, history and power with studies from Lagos, New Delhi, San Francisco, Berlin, Yixing, Cape Town and more. Book Project: Grounding Urban NaturesResearch Project: Socioecological Movements in Urban Ecosystems (MOVE) Research Project: Socioecological Movements in Urban Ecosystems (MOVE) Linking social movement studies and urban ecology this projects develops case studies in Cape Town and New Orleans. Organising: Situated Urban Political Ecologies (#SUPE) Situated Urban Political Ecologies (#SituatedUPE) provides a collaborative space for scholars, students, designers and activists to expand UPE with theory & experiences from the Global South. Film Project: Ways of Knowing Urban Natures This film is about ways of knowing and urban nature; about bushmen boys, a flower kingdom and the ghost of a princess. Filmed in Cape Town. Book Project: The Anthropo-obScene With uneven planetary urbanisation—what possibilities for emancipatory transformation? Edited by Henrik Ernstson and Erik Swyngedouw, the book has contributions from political ecologists, urban studies scholars and political philosophers. Book Project: The Anthropo-obSceneDesign: Tactical Symbiotics & Speculative Design Design: Tactical Symbiotics & Speculative Design Focusing on human relations to natural-artificial systems, we explore new terrain for political and ontological thought and praxis. Teaching: Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies (PhD Course) How to make sense of global South urbanisation while (re)turning explicitly to emancipatory politics? In this annual PhD Course/Seminar at ACC at UCT, we read across Political Philosophy and Global South Urbanism. Teaching: Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies (PhD Course)



Political Ecology of Urbanization in Latin America: A fertile ground for more situated and just urban ecologies

German Quimbayo Ruiz reports on efforts to develop a Situated UPE approach in Latin America. His co-authored Read more

TLR project in Cape Town SA

Waste management in Cape Town: understanding responsibility and labour

Kathleen Stokes reflects on waste management and political ecology in Cape Town. Kathleen is a PhD Read more

1T2E Film Essay Heland & Ernstson

Screening film at Rachel Carson Centre: “One Table Two Elephants” (working version)

We have received the great opportunity to screen out film “One Table Two Elephants” at Read more


PhD seminar in Stockholm 12-13 Oct: “Emancipation in an Urban Century” on more-than-human politics & the Anthropo-ob(S)cene

PhD seminar in Stockholm on “Emancipation in an Urban Century: From more-than-human political moments to Read more

This website is a growing platform for research projects and activities related to the study and politics of situated ecologies, in particular those shaped by urbanization. To be situated means to cautiously attend to difference and to take each location and city seriously for what it can bring to theory-making, while keeping broader geographies and dynamics in view. Our research aims to bring forth the many voices, experiences and practices that are re-working urban ecologies and collaborate around theoretical standpoints from where urban ecologies and futures can be understood and engaged.


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