SITUATED ECOLOGIES is a platform for research projects and activities that relate to situated and contested ecologies, in particular when viewed through the processes of urbanisation.



We are developing a range of learning resources that reflect our work on critical research on African urban environments and provide useful background to people interested in exploring these issues in more detail, teachers and lecturers running classes and

As well as our planned one week long SUPE workshop in September 2014 and a number of events (including a one day workshop in Pretoria for students) being planned for 2014 we are working on a range of learning and teaching resources for students, activists, lecturers and interested others.

We will be keeping an up to date reading list that covers an extensive range of literature on African cities, urban political ecology and related topics. Where possible we have tried to link to open access options to broaden learning beyond the journal paying universities.

There’s also the opportunity to explore some audio-visual resources with our attempts to create new ways to communicate our research and talks and lectures from some of our favourite and inspiring scholars.