SITUATED ECOLOGIES gathers art, design and research collaborations to contest and democratise ecologies.

ACC Talk by Erik Swyngedouw in Cape Town: “The Return of the Political: Insurgent Architects and The City.”

“Decolonizing Urbanism” Trier Summer University, 6-12 June 2017 (Call for Applications 31 January)

Henrik Ernstson is an invited keynote lecturer at the upcoming Trier Summer University on “Decolonizing Urbanism: Transformative Perspectives”, Trier University, Germany June 6-12, 2017. Deadline for application January 31, 2017. For updated information Read more

PhD seminar in Stockholm 12-13 Oct: “Emancipation in an Urban Century” on more-than-human politics & the Anthropo-ob(S)cene

PhD seminar in Stockholm on “Emancipation in an Urban Century: From more-than-human political moments to the figure of the Anthropo-ob(S)bene”, from 12-13 October, 9:00-12:00 both days is hosted by the KTH’s Environmental Read more