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Annals of Crosscuts: Peer-reviewing film

Annals of Crosscuts

Annals of Crosscuts is a peer-reviewed publication for film-based research. The section is developed to support the use of film and cinema as integral practices in the environmental humanities. We welcome filmmakers in the arts, sciences and humanities that experiment with and see potential in using the moving image as a complement and/or challenge to text-based research. The aim is to support and develop transmodal scholarship.

Peer-review process

The editors of the festival—and our peer-reviewers— will provide structured double blind reviews on accepted film submissions. Peer-review should here be seen, as in all peer-review, as a possibility of gaining reflection, feedback and engaged critique to which one can respond. Annals of Crosscuts aims to further develop and legitimate the use of film as part of research, and build around it a community of peers.

To read more, see Annals of Crosscuts webpage here.

Selected films


The Annals of Crosscuts editors and reviewers are international scholars and filmmakers from film and cinema studies,  political philosophy, artistic practice, environmental history, postcolonial studies, human geography, cultural studies, design and literature.

Editor-in-Chief: Jacob von Heland, KTH, Sweden

Associate Editors

Miyase Christensen, Stockholm University, Sweden

Marco Armiero, KTH, Sweden

Henrik Ernstson, University of Manchester, UK

Kalle Boman, Forum för Visuell Praktik, Sweden

Assistant Editor

Erik Isberg, KTH, Sweden

Subject Editors

Jannike Åhlund, Bergmancenter Sweden

Issraa El-Kogali, Artist, Sweden

Jan Olsson, Stockholm University, Sweden

Wangui Kimari, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Tara McPherson, University of Southern California, USA

Alison Griffiths, City University of New York, USA

Jakob Nilsson, Örebro University, Sweden

Sompot Chidgasornpongse, Kick the Machine, Thailand

Klara Björk, Valand Academy, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Andrés Castro-Henao, University of Massachusetts, USA

Thomas Dark, University of Manchester Press, UK

Madina Tlostanova, Linköping University, Sweden

Bill Adams, University of Cambridge, UK

Daniel Oxenhandler, CPH:DOX Academy, Denmark

Mike Jarmon, Linköping University, Sweden