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Josh Lewis


Josh Lewis is a doctoral candidate at Stockholm University in Sweden where he studies urban ecology at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. He is also a research analyst at the Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane University in New Orleans, where he has held an appointment since 2008. Lewis’s work focuses on the political and ecological dimensions of networked infrastructure in river deltas and coastal cities, in particular, the historical and contemporary dynamics of linked socio-ecological change in the Bienvenue Drainage Basin along the eastern margin of the city of New Orleans. Lewis specializes in analyzing ecological change through time at the landscape scale, drawing upon archival research, aerial imagery, the systematic sampling of urban vegetation, qualitative interviews, and landscape surveys. He is interested in building understanding of the hybridized and sometimes confounding ecologies that emerge in the context of urbanization in river deltas and coastal zones as networked infrastructure is constructed, maintained, and contested, influencing regional hydrology and landscape dynamics, and creating feedbacks in civil society and the urban polity. Josh’s PhD project is a part of the “Socio-ecological movements in urban ecosystems” project, funded by the Swedish Research Council Formas.


Twitter: @bayouLewis


Henrik Ernstson 

Thomas Elmqvist

Sverker Sörlin 

Recent Publications: 

“Green Tourism and the Ambiguities of the Sustainability Discourse: The Case of New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward.” (with Kevin Gotham). International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development 6 (2). 2014.

“Crisis on the Delta: Emerging trajectories for New Orleans.” (with Ann Yoachim and Doug Meffert) In Climate Change and the Coast: Building Resilient Communities. Kay et al. (eds). Taylor & Francis. 2014.

“Metropolitan Planning Challenges in New Orleans.” In Resilient Coastal City Regions: Planning for Climate Change in the United States and Australia. Blakeley and Carbonnel (eds). Cambridge, MA: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

“Reconsidering the New Normal: Vulnerability and Resilience in Post-Katrina New Orleans.” (Kevin Gotham, Richard Campanella, Josh Lewis, Farrah Gafford, Earthea Nance, Mallikharjuna R. Avula) Global Horizons: The Journal of Global Policy and Resilience.