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Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies (Annual PhD Course/Seminar)(2015, 2016, 2017) Starts again 2020

There will not be a Winter School on Democratic Practices during 2018 or 2019. There is a lot of interest but we as organisers we have all been changing jobs and homes and its been too complicated to combine it with properly organising the course. However, we plan to be back by in July/August in 2020 and then have three years planned. So if the first “triology” was DEMOS-POLITICS-POLICE, this time around it will be structured around SETTLER COLONIALISM as living remains. This will be run in 2020, 2021 and 2022. We are still not sure of the location, but we will keep sending updates to those on our growing email list. Please contact Henrik Ernstson (at The University of Manchester) if you like to be added to the list and receive updates.
Best regards,
Henrik Ernstson (Course Director), Ashley Bohrer and Andrés Henao Castro


Annual ACC Seminar/PhD course (full information at the course/seminar homepage):

Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies:

Reading Political Theory with Southern Urbanism

This is an annual week-long literature and discussion seminar organized in July each year by Dr. Henrik Ernstson and Dr. Andrés Henao Castro at the African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town. It invites PhD students and Early Career Scholars in particular, but also other more experienced scholars from UCT, UWC, Stellenbosch and other South African universities. For more information go to the course/seminar homepage. Contact Henrik Ernstson for more information.

Andrés Henao Castro leading the seminar on democratic practices and unequal urban geographies in 2015 at UCT.

Andrés Henao Castro from the University of Massachusetts-Boston leading a seminar in the ACC course “Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies” in 2015 at UCT.


Feedback from participants

“The group discussions were of perhaps the highest intellectual rigour and focus that I have ever experienced.”

“The readings from both sides – political theory and Southern urbanism – were well-chosen [and] Dr. Henao Castro and Dr. Ernstson created a nurturing space for collective reflection on specific local cases and popular debates that were generously shared by all participants.”

“I have tremendously enjoyed participating in the above seminar. It was well prepared, comprehensibly structured and intellectually stimulating. The guiding questions for each reading also came in very handy, especially when tackling the longer and more complex texts.”