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Great papers tagged by Antipode to our Situated UPE paper from 2014

vwu1-1See below some of the great papers tagged by Antipode to our Situated UPE paper from 2014.

Here is a great collection for those interested in re-making the study of urban political ecology for the uneven, diversified, rich and crucial urbanisation we are part of.

From Necropolis to Blackpolis: Necropolitical Governance and Black Spatial Praxis in São Paulo, Brazil by Jaime Amparo Alves

Precarious Lives in the Global South: On Being Disabled in Guyana by Vera Chouinard

Situating In Situ: A Critical Geography of Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation in the Peruvian Andes and Beyond by T. Garrett Graddy

Street Theatre as Democratic Politics in Ahmedabad by Caleb Johnston and Dakxin Badinage

The Social Production of Latin@ Visibilities and Invisibilities: Geographies of Power in Small Town America by Adela C. Licona and Marta Maria Maldonado

Foodscapes and the Geographies of Poverty: Sustenance, Strategy, and Politics in an Urban Neighbourhood by Christiana Miewald and Eugene McCann

The Making of “World-Class” Delhi: Relations Between Street Hawkers and the New Middle Class by Seth Schindler

Subaltern Empowerment in the Geoweb: Tensions between Publicity and Privacy by Jason C. Young and Michael P. Gilmore

Image Dharavi Mumbai found at

Image Dharavi Mumbai found at


And our paper: Provincialising Urban Political Ecology: Towards a Situated UPE Through African Urbanism by Mary Lawhon, Henrik Ernstson and Jonathan Silver


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