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  1. An environmental film project in Cape Town: “Ways of Knowing Urban Nature – The Film”

    Swedish filmer Jacob von Heland and Henrik Ernstson report on their film project in Cape Town that deals with knowledge and Read more

  2. Updated publication lists from our two projects WOK-UE and MOVE

    Go to Publications and Deliverables here on our website to see an updated publication list from our Read more

  3. Former WOK-UE researcher and colleague Jane Battersby receives prize for her critical work on food-security

    I just learnt that my co-worker and former WOK-UE researcher Dr Jane Battersby just received the 2017 Read more

  4. Notes After a Research Project is Finished: Looking Beyond Peer-reviewed Publications

    The Ways of Knowing Urban Ecologies project started in 2011 and finished in December 2016. Below Read more

  5. Newly submitted manuscripts on urban social-ecology in our MOVE project on Cape Town & New Orleans

      We have recently submitted several publications based on empirical data generated in Cape Town Read more

  6. PhD seminar in Stockholm 12-13 Oct: “Emancipation in an Urban Century” on more-than-human politics & the Anthropo-ob(S)cene

    PhD seminar in Stockholm on “Emancipation in an Urban Century: From more-than-human political moments to Read more

  7. New article: Narrative and value articulation of contested green spaces in Cape Town, New York and London

    How  are values of contested urban green spaces articulated across cultural contexts such as Cape Town, Read more

  8. 1 Table 2 Elephants: a film essay about bushmen bboys, a flower kingdom and the ghost of a princess (5 min teaser)

    Check out a 5 minute ‘teaser’ of the film “1 Table 2 Elephants” that we Read more

  9. Talk in Paris: Provocations on how ‘environmental stewardship’ is used

    On 30 September Henrik Ernstson will give a talk at a seminar in Paris on environmental stewardship. Read more

  10. Conference at Stanford: “URBAN BEYOND MEASURE: Registering Urban Environments in the Global South” 8-9 May 2015

    Dr. Henrik Ernstson and Dr. Jia-Ching Chen are organizing an ambitious conference at Stanford on Read more

  11. Marnie Graham defended her thesis on Postcolonial Nature Conservation

    Marnie Graham successfully defended her PhD thesis at Stockholm University on “Postcolonial Nature Conservation and Read more

  12. Moving Closer to Nature: Film Project & Intellectual Conversations

    The 26th of February, KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory held the roundtable conversation Moving Closer to Nature. Read more

  13. Guatemalan cities and urban political ecology: Report from research visit

    Fernando Castillo, biologist and urban ecologist at the Centre for Conservation Studies and University of Read more

  14. Tactical Symbiotics: Design interventions among spiders, pollinators, and phobias

    Designer Martín Ávila reports on his project Tactical Symbiotics. It suggests designs and uses speculative philosophy to Read more

  15. Crossing Boundaries – Doing Situated Urban Ecologies within a Co-tutelle PhD Agreement

    Marnie Graham reflects with her supervisors on being a co-tutelle PhD student at Stockholm and Macquarie Universities, Read more

  16. Key note at University of Washington: Re-thinking urban theory and ecological studies from a ‘world of cities’

    Henrik Ernstson gave a key note at University of Washington on urban ecology and ‘world Read more

  17. Emplacing Urbanisms: Relocating Power and Knowledge in Urban Theory

    Anthony Levenda reflects sensitively on how Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Urban Political Ecology Read more

  18. Great PhD course on ‘Urban Ecology as Science, Culture and Power’

    Integrated with our book workshop on ‘Grounding Urban Natures’ we also had the great opportunity to Read more

  19. Grounding Urban Natures – report from June book workshop in Stockholm

    The book project on ‘Contested Urban Natures’ (and here) with case studies across the world is moving forward. Read more

  20. AAG 2013 :: Great work by WOK-UE project in April!

    The AAG 2013 was a great conference. Huge as always—we heard that some 7000 geographers Read more

  21. Book workshop in Stockholm 12-14 June, 2013—Contested Urban Natures

    There are currently two working titles for the book: Histories and Futures of Contested Urban Read more

  22. Our website is under construction

    This website will be a growing platform for the various research projects and activities that Read more

  23. Coloniality of Nature, the Postcolonial City, and Film as Decolonial Dialectic: A review by Ruben Hordijk of the film “One Table Two Elephants”

    This review was first published at Antipode Online on April 20, 2020 as open access Read more

  24. Artistic research practices. Daniel Fetzner, Martin Dornberg and WASTELAND

    The artistic research project WASTELAND by Daniel Fetzner and Martin Dornberg is a topological intersection of art, Read more

  25. Environment and Development: Gender Equity and Sustainability

    EDGES – or Environment and Development: Gender Equity and Sustainability –  is a research collaborative Read more


  1. Project: Ways of Knowing Urban Ecologies (WOK-UE, 2011-2016)

    This project ended on 31 December 2016. Funded by Swedish Formas, it produced a row Read more

  2. Films

    This page curates a set of films, shorter and longer, that stand in relation to Read more

  3. About the film “One Table Two Elephants”

    One Table Two Elephants (2018, 84 minutes) is a film about bushmen bboys, a flower kingdom Read more

  4. About us

    THE SITUATED ECOLOGIES PLATFORM gathers art, design and research collaborations to contest and democratise ecologies. This Read more

  5. Publications and Deliverables

    Below follows a list of deliverables as from two grants funded by Swedish Formas lead by Read more

  6. People

    There are several people involved in the projects and activities that make up The Situated Read more

  7. Literature PhD course: Urban Ecology as…

    Literature list for ‘Urban Ecology as Science, Culture and Power’ (Version 3) The course is Read more

  8. Project: Socioecological Movements in Urban Ecosystems (MOVE, 2012-2017)

    This project ended on 31 December 2017. Funded by Swedish Formas, it was extremely productive. Read more

  9. DemPrac2019 — Nature, Capitalism, and Film as Decolonial Dialectic?

    The 4th Annual Democratic Practices PhD Seminar, 25-27 November 2019 is being held in Stockholm, Read more


  1. Ways of Knowing Urban Ecologies (WOK-UE; 2011-2016)

    Short Notes After a Project is Finished The Ways of Knowing Urban Ecologies project started in Read more

  2. NOTRUC — Notations on Theories of Radical Urban Change: Thinking Emancipatory Politics from the Urban South (2015-2017)

    This project ended on 31 December 2017 as part of the MOVE project lead by Read more

  3. Situated Urban Political Ecologies (#SituatedUPE; moved)

    Situated Urban Political Ecology (#SUPE) is a growing collective of scholars interested in pluralising the Read more

  4. Tactical Symbiotics: Speculative Design and Ecological Complexity (2014-2016)

    This project was based on Martín Ávila’s postdoctoral project funded by VR (2014-2016), together with Read more

  5. One Table Two Elephants (2014-2018)

    The cinematic ethnography documentary film One Table Two Elephants (84 min, CPH:DOX, 2018) has been a major effort and output Read more

  6. Socioecological Movements in Urban Ecosystems (MOVE, 2012-2017)

    This project ended on 31 December 2017 after a very productive run; see its publications Read more